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Gulf Oil Spill

June 4, 2010


The gulf oil spill is a disaster and getting worse. I read a report last evening that said the oil has the potential to reach the Atlantic Coast as far north as North Carolina. The quest to place blame has been in full gear for weeks now. BP and the Federal Government are trying to make sure everyone understands that someone else is responsible. Lawyers are chomping at the bit! Right now the focus should be on trying to stop the oil. How many days has it been?
In the coming weeks, months, years, and even decades we will still be seeing the effects of this man-made disaster. The Exxon Valdeze tanker spilled 257,000 barrels of oil into Alaska’s Prince William Sound in 1989. BP estimates that already the Gulf well has spilled between 450,000 and 750,000 barrels. In Alaska, over twenty years later, you can still find oil washing up on shore.
Psalm 24:1 (NIV)
The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.

God created the earth for His glory. We are not the owner’s of the earth and we do not worship the earth. We worship the Creator, the Sovereign God of this world. He has entrusted us to manage His creation. We have failed.

As Christians we need to pray:
*Pray that the leaders of BP and our Government will have wisdom to stop the oil
* Pray for the families who lost husbands and fathers in the explosion
*Pray for the clean-up efforts in the Gulf and that the damage will not be as bad as predicted
*Pray for those who have lost their jobs because of the destruction
*Pray that we all will repent of our greed

The rig exploded on April 20th! It is June. And, the oil keeps flowing.