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November 12, 2010

 Revolution- A sudden, radical, or complete change.

By now the votes have been counted and the talking heads on TV have analyzed every detail of last week’s election. Do you know how much money was spent on the election last week? I researched this question and multiple sources say that the candidates spent over $4 billion dollars. $4 billion dollars! Let that number sink in. In this great democracy it seems that if you have enough money you can represent the people in our government.

$4 billion dollars. Think about that number when you compare it with these numbing statistics:

–          Over a billion people in the world live on less than a dollar a day

–          30,000 children died every day either from starvation or a preventable disease

–          143 million orphaned or vulnerable children in the world

–          800,000 children pass through our country’s foster care system each year

It is time for a revolution, a radical, complete change.

Every Christian should be involved in the political process. God has blessed us with freedom and we should celebrate our freedom by participating in the political process. But, I also believe to the core of my being, that politics will not solve our problems. Only Jesus Christ can fix our problems. We need a Jesus revolution.

I pray that the passion and resources given to get someone elected will be given to the revolution for Jesus.