April 18, 2011


Connection? What is Connection? Connection is a community Easter service that will be held at the Franklin County High School auditorium on April 24th at 9:45 am. Maybe you feel like you belong in a church but you have some questions about God and the Bible? Connection will help you in answering some of your questions.

We have three goals:

                Connect with God- We all need to know our Creator

                Connect with Others- No one wants to go through life alone

                Connect with the Community- We want to be the true Church, reaching out to the community and meeting needs.

The great part about Connection is I don’t have to worry about the message. It never changes. Jesus Christ is God, He died on the cross for our sins, and He conquered death by rising on the first Easter. I am glad some things never change.

I hope you to see you at Connection Sunday April 24th.


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