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June 1, 2011

The Space Shuttle Endeavour ended its final journey with a late night landing watched by a few hundred people. Endeavour had travelled 123 million miles in its space voyages making it one of the “youngest” shuttles in the fleet. Now, the shuttle will be placed in a museum in California. For the Endeavour, the end has come.

It is true sometimes you are just glad something is over and you feel relief and freedom. But, often, endings come with mixed emotions.

The end of a school year reminds me that my kids are one year older and time keeps passing by, yet I am excited about spending time with them over the summer. Those graduating from High School often have mixed feelings. They are glad it is over and they are ready to move on. But, there is a sense that something in your life has ended and if honest, there is a sense of sadness.

The end of life for a Christian leaves family and friends grieving and missing their loved one. There is an emptiness that is hard to explain unless you have been through it. Yet there is a peace knowing they are with Christ in heaven with complete joy.

Endings often come with mixed emotions. As I ponder endings it reminds me to make the best of every day. Today is God’s gift to me.

“Your landing ends a vibrant legacy for this amazing vehicle that will long be remembered,” Mission Control told Captain Kelly and his crewmates.

When the “end” comes for you, what kind of legacy will you leave?

The END.