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Praying for Pastor Yousef

March 6, 2012

Praying for Pastor Yousef

Religious freedom is on trial. The Islamic Regime of Iran has given the execution orders for Pastor Yousef, a Christian. He has been in prison since 2009 being accused of apostasy. Pastor Yousef refused to recant Christianity and follow Islam. He was also “guilty” of not teaching his children the ways of Islam.  Today, I am not sure if Pastor Yousef is alive or if the execution has already taken place.

Pastor Yousef is married and has two children. His wife was given a life sentence for “lesser crimes.” The attention this case has received around the world is probably the only reason Pastor Yousef is still alive. Yet, when you look around our nation you see occupiers and protestors determined to get our government back on track. Certainly, change would be welcomed.  But, in the midst of all of our anger, protests, and occupying most remain silent about the great tragedy of Pastor Yousef. A real human being. A father. A husband. A Pastor. The case of Pastor Yousef will not affect your bank account. Then again, what price can you put on religious freedom?